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by Wrahn
14 Sep 2016 07:01 pm
Forum: Thunderbrew Distillery
Topic: 'Sup
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Re: 'Sup

Hey, I was just swinging by to take a look to see what my guild was up to in my absence, and bam 3 strokes, sheesh. Hope everything is still going well.

I tried EQ a while back and I could not do it again, the learning curve was too steep for me to play Wrahn any more.
by Wrahn
09 Jan 2012 07:56 am
Forum: Thunderbrew Distillery
Topic: Scam or Hax?
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Re: Scam or Hax?

Scam, almost 100% sure if you can get on to your account. Do not go to their "secure" website that is a really good indication that it is a scam.
by Wrahn
11 Oct 2008 09:52 am
Forum: Thunderbrew Distillery
Topic: Online scam?
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Re: Online scam?

I am no lawyer, but the way I see it is he has 3 courses of action, depending on how ticked off he is. He could go to a lawyer and sue, or at least have the lawyer send a threatening letter and hope it will be enough to make them capitulate. Problem is, even writing the letter will be more expensive...
by Wrahn
03 Apr 2007 07:46 pm
Forum: Royal Stonecutters Union
Topic: Storm Crow
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One should not mess with night elves. We have druid and this is why you should never mess with druids.
by Wrahn
09 Nov 2006 09:34 pm
Forum: Royal Stonecutters Union
Topic: How I plan to make gold in WoW.
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Have to bankroll the battle against evil somehow :p
by Wrahn
23 Oct 2005 09:24 am
Forum: Royal Stonecutters Union
Topic: Paladin Epic Mount
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Adan and I have done the quest before, it was difficult, but very doable. You will want an extra paladin for the final part. I know Adan has a diamond and is being lazy about getting the components together, so if he gets off his butt and stops playing his druid, you may be able to do a two for one ...
by Wrahn
06 Dec 2004 07:17 am
Forum: Thunderbrew Distillery
Topic: How do you feel Blizzard did with their launch?
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Only real problem I had was getting booted once and once I tried to get into the game and hit a 40 minute queue. First night was bad, but it looks like they have it straighten out. Would have been better if these things had never happened but they were handled quickly and in a timely fashion. I gave...