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Mithis Graymane, The Fallen

Posted: 24 Jun 2009 07:21 pm
by Mithis Graymane
Born and raised primarily in the northern Eastern Kingdoms in what is now known as the Plaguelands, Mithis was heir to a small, modest keep called Blackstone, left to him as the only son of his father who had died in battle a few years after he was born while fighting an incursion of Black Dragonflight. The keep was nicknamed after the igneous rocks it was made from, which provided the stone structure with extraordinary resilience against fire attacks. The ward of his estate was his uncle, a Paladin of the Order of Silver Hand named Sir Jarrad Blackwell, who saw to his education, both literary and martial. As he matured into a young man, he was sent off to the Dwarven War College for several years where he learned the finer art of war from those most practiced in it.

Upon concluding his formal training, he was inducted into the Order of Silver Hand by his uncle and mentor, whereupon he took his vows in the presence of Uther the Lightbringer. He undertook his sworn duties to protect the kingdom and its citizenry from all threats and evils, both within and without, provided compassion and hope to those in need, and swift justice to those beyond redemption. Mithis became well regarded within his order as a stalwart defender of Lordaeron who exemplified the virtues of knighthood. The years eventually gave way to the Second War with the Horde, and after countless battles, the seasoned Paladin saw his mettle as well as his faith tested when he faced the remaining Orcish Horde at the Dark Portal. The deafening roar of their massive army caused the very ground to shake, and the haze of their red eyes from the Blood Curse had created a false sunset, but the Alliance proved victorious and the portal was closed.

Shortly after the war, the veteran witnessed the trial and exile of one of the most revered Paladins of the Order, Tirion Fordring, who’s wise counsel had made so many younger members of the Order the better for it, as the political winds changed and the land began to settle into an uneasy truce between man, elf, and beast. Yet the tenuous peace that had been achieved against the Horde was short-lived when the darkest of times descended upon Azeroth during the Third War where the Alliance and the liberated Horde alike faced annihilation as the Burning Legion became more directly involved through the Nathrezim's agent, the Lich King, Ner’zhul, and his legions of undead known as the Scourge.

While he had retained the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Alliance armies earned over years of service and from having fought in nearly every major Alliance military campaign, the title of Justicar was conferred upon him to represent his exalted status with various member races of the Alliance. He was greatly respected among his peers, and is still one of the oldest living members of the former Order of Silver Hand. Although he never joined another Order, he did accept a commission in the Argent Dawn late in the campaign to help combat Kel’Thuzad the Summoner in Naxxramas.

During this war, he fought with Uther at the Battle of Hearthglen, and on that same tragic day he witnessed Prince Arthas burn Strathholme, spurn Uther, and disband the Order of Silver Hand. Some of his fellow Paladins chose to forsake their vows and serve Arthas and his dark ambitions, while others, like Mithis, remained loyal to Uther. Later that same year, he received news that his father’s keep, Blackstone, had succumbed to the advance of the Scourge. Its fire resistant stone was of no avail against the dark and unholy powers of the Nathrezim and the Scourge, and while he was given leave to see what remained of his family heritage, Arthas, heir and prince of Lordaeron, murdered his own father, King Menethil, and razed the city. Mere weeks later, Uther was also killed by Arthas at Andorhal while guarding the remains of the slain King. Every Paladin regardless of Order wore black tabards the next day to mourn his death. What members of the former Order of Silver Hand remained were summoned to fight in the Battle of Hyjal, where the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde managed to delay Archimonde long enough for Malfurion to sound the Horn of Cenarius and destroy the archdemon once and for all. Although Mithis was badly wounded himself, his uncle died during that battle fighting valiantly. He buried his uncle next to his father, and swore an oath over their graves that he would see Arthas brought to justice and the Burning Legion driven from world.

Since the Third War, Mithis had continued to observe the original vows he took decades ago out of his enduring respect for the memory of his Uncle Jarrad, Uther and the Order of Silver Hand. With deeds too numerous to recount, the now battle-hardened Paladin found himself in Outlands with millions of Horde and Alliance who were finally taking the fight to the Burning Legion. However, during the perilous exploration of Outlands he met the Draenei, formerly known as Eredar, and learned of their tragic history and of their homeworld, Argus. It was during this time that he began to question what had been until now an unwavering faith that the Light would prevail. That which had sustained him through insurmountable adversity began to erode under the realization that the corruption of Sargeras had already destroyed two worlds and would inevitably claim his own. Everything dear to him for which he had fought so long and hard appeared futile in the end. So much had been sacrificed, and yet it seemed the toll for defending the realm from Sargeras and the Burning Legion had yet to be paid in full.

With the grim resignation of the fate of Azeroth seeping into his already heavy heart, Mithis resolved that he would at least fulfill one of his oaths to see justice done upon the Lich King, Arthas. As the Alliance and Horde turned their attention back to Azeroth, so commenced the invasion of Northrend, the Justicar was one of the first to land on its desolate shores. He was also part of the vanguard that hastily breached the first defenses before they found themselves overwhelmed by legions of undead. He bravely held the line against the advancing minions of the Lich King so that his fellow knights could fall back and regroup before he finally succumbed to his wounds. He awoke, horrified, as he found himself risen as a Death Knight moments later. Yet something was different. Perhaps the Light was still with him, albeit a flicker in his soul, as he also discovered that he was somehow free, like the Forsaken, and was not bound to obey the Lich King. It was not without a sense of irony that he recalled Illidan's fate and with renewed determination decided that he would use his newfound Runic powers to rid the world of Arthas. And so he cast aside all his titles and accolades to begin his quest for justice anew, as he plans for the assault on the Lich King's citadel, where he will confront Arthas himself, once and for all.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2010 05:17 pm
by Mithis Graymane
150+ views, and not one response? You guys are going to give me a complex.

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Posted: 20 Jan 2010 08:19 pm
by Ringo Flinthammer
Ha! Try having your news stories read by tens of thousands of people and hearing nada about it!

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Posted: 22 Jan 2010 11:41 am
by Swoogie
Just read it and I actually liked it. That was a good use of lore for your history. Good work!