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New Adventures

Post by Widge » 19 Oct 2008 06:08 pm

Mordrum Ironheart grunted as he loaded the last crate of ammunition into his ram's saddlebags. "Ye made all this with just the ore I sent?" he asked.

"Mostly," Widge replied. "I had a bit more adamantite just sitting around, figured I'd put it to good use."

Mordrum sighed. "I'd prefer it if ye'd just make what I asked for," he said. "Don't need no handouts."

Widge shrugged. "Well I guess you don't want this, then," he said, indicating a larger, gift-wrapped crate behind his flying machine.

"What is it?" the dwarf asked, his interest piqued.

"Oh, just a little something I thought you'd appreciate," the mage grinned.

Mordrum narrowed his eyes as he removed the ribbon from the crate. "It ain't that gyro-whatchamacallit ye showed me the blueprints for, is it? Ye actually made one?"

"Just open it!" Widge cried.

Mordrum opened the crate and peered inside. "Magni's beard, how d'ye expect me to lift this monstrosity?" he exclaimed.

Widge shook his head, "It's Khorium. Lighter than it looks. Just give it a try!"

Mordrum picked up the massive device and held it in his hands. The gnome was right. As huge as it was, the gun wasn't hard to lift at all. He held it to his eye and gazed through the scope. "Not bad," he declared. "It's lighter than me old rifle and with this scope I'll bet I could shoot the fleas off a hound's back at five hundred yards."

The mage gestured while muttering something unintelligible and suddenly several bottles of water appeared in his hands. "Try it out!" he grinned as he tossed them into the air.

Mordurm raised the rifle and peered through the scope, finding his targets. He focused on one and found that as he tracked its path, gears and gyros within the gun sprung into action, requiring only the slightest motion on his part to keep the bottle in his sights. He squeezed off a shot and the glass shattered into a million pices. He quickly moved on to the others, discovering that the damn thing practically aimed itself as he fired off a dozen rounds, obliterating all of the bottles in a matter of seconds.

Mordrum lowered the gun and looked at it in awe. Finally he grinned and clapped Widge on the back. "Never thought I'd find a better rifle than me pappy's old blunderbuss, but this thing's amazing!" he exclaimed. "Not bad fer a fella who's never even fired a gun," he grinned.

Widge shrugged. "I might not be a marksman, but I know my math," he stated. "Everything comes down to numbers eventually!"

"If ya say so," Mordrum said. "So how're the young'uns?" he asked as he packed up the new gun.

"Oh they're doing okay," came the reply. "Moline's been off somewhere in the Barrens training new recruits in armed combat. She gets far too much enjoyment out of knocking the human and night elf trainees on their asses."

The dwarf laughed. "Sounds about right. The wee lass always did have a knack for that. And yer boy?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Good, actually," Widge responded. "We're even on speaking terms again, if you can believe that. He's finally realized that the lot he was hanging out with were no good and seems to have found himself a more respectable calling."


"Well, he didn't tell me himself but I was in Stormwind a few weeks back and ran into Ellig. Apparently he heard that Windle's hooked up with SI:7, been working under Shaw himself."

"Spooks, eh?" Mordrum grunted. "Don't know if I'd call that respectable. But better'n petty thieves, I s'pose" he added before Widge could object.

Widge shrugged. "I'm just glad he's on the right side of the law for once. So," he continued, changing the subject, "speaking of family, how are your brothers?"

Mordrum sighed. "Well Borren's doin' okay, I guess. Been spendin' time with some elf gal lately. She's got 'im all infatuated with Elune and all that nonsense. Truth be told, I don't see it as any different from that Holy Light bull he was all so keen about before, but at least 'e seems happy."

Widge laughed. The idea of a dwarf and a night elf seemed fairly outlandish to him, but then Borren Ironheart had always been into trying new and interesting things.

Mordrum looked down. "Carson, on the other hand. Well... ah... I haven't heard from 'im in quite awhile now. Last we spoke we had a bit of a fallin' out."

"Over what?"

"Well, ye'know he's always been a bit more brave than smart. Told me 'e was goin' up north with some knights of the dawn, try to do some recon on the scourge. Turns out I wansn't as supportive of tha idea as 'e expected."

"You called him a damn fool, didn't you?" Widge remarked dryly.

"Oh aye, and that's just fer starters. Anyways, 'e told me I wasn't 'is pappy and he'd do whatever tha hell 'e wanted, then 'e stormed out and I ain't heard from 'em since. That was a month or so ago."

Widge nodded. "So you think he went to Icecrown?" he asked.

"Sure as hell hope not," the dwarf sighed. "But ye know Carson. Give 'im a righteous cause and he'll kill 'imself tryin' t'see it through. Just hope this ain't tha time that it really comes t'that."

Widge nodded somberly. Carson was as gallant a paladin as he'd ever seen, but entering the Lich King's territory was not the wisest of choices, even with the Argent Dawn backing him up. "I'm sure he'll take care of himself," was all he said aloud.

The hunter snorted, but didn't respond.

"Still, if you're worried, maybe you'd be interested in an opportunity that's been presented me," the gnome continued. "I just received word the the boss is planning to head up north, and a bunch of us are going to accompany him. I'm not certain of the particulars, but Beli says that he got a letter from one of his brothers, lost up there since the Third War, and now he's determined to go and lend his support."

Mordrum's eyes widened. "An expedition to Northrend! But that's... what about tha king?" he exclaimed.

"You know Ringo," Widge responded. "He's always prepared."

Mordrum was silent for a moment but finally shook his head. "I can't be a part of this," he said. "Me ma and pa are gone and I've got four other brothers and sisters, not to mention their young'uns, t'look out fer," he asserted. "Danger aside, I'm not about t'draw Magni's ire. That's not somethin' ye want neither, t'be honest. Ye make yer own decisions though, and do what ye have to do, friend. As for me, Outland's as far as I go."

Widge nodded. "I can understand that," he said. "I promised I would follow Ringo's lead even if it took me to the ends of Azeroth though. After all he's done for my people, I owe him enough to make good on that pledge. I never thought that my oath would be taken literally, of course, but as an elder of Sawed Off it's something I have to do."

"Well, I just hope this ain't the last time I see ya then," was all Mordrum said as he hopped up onto his ram's saddle. "Take care of yerself, and come back in one damn piece!"

"You can count on that," Widge replied. "And if I find out anything about your brother..."

"Ye tell tha damn idiot t'come home!" the dwarf cut him off.

Widge smiled. "Absolutely," he agreed.

Mordrum held the mage's gaze for a moment, hoping this wouldn't be goodbye for good. Finally he whistled sharply. "Rusty, let's go!" he called, prompting the massive cat to bound after him as he and his ram sped off across the desolate landscape of Blade's Edge.

Widge took one last look around at the small settlement that he'd called home for the past few years, assuring himself that he'd be back eventually. He closed his eyes and began chanting the spell that would teleport him to Ironforge. The Northspear would already be docked at Menethil Harbor, ready to take him and his comrades to the icy continent of Northrend.

With Toshley's Station fading away around him, the old gnome smiled to himself. For the first time since stepping through the Dark Portal, the promise of a new and exciting land awaited him.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the Mystic Ward, Widge saw Voca Lodestone waiting impatiently nearby. "It's about time!" she scolded as she caught sight of him. "Let's go, everybody's waiting in Menethil. I blame you if Ringo and Beli get there and leave without us!"

Widge nodded sheepishly as he hurried after Voca toward the great forge and his next big adventure.

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Re: New Adventures

Post by kronosx » 20 Oct 2008 06:28 am


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Re: New Adventures

Post by Mozzbi » 20 Oct 2008 10:22 am

Excellent write up!
Sooooo. Borren and a Night Elf honey?!
I wonder who put him up to that??
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Re: New Adventures

Post by Clouseau » 20 Oct 2008 02:27 pm

Sooooo. Borren and a Night Elf honey?!
I wonder who put him up to that??
I swear it wasn't me.
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